Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Being Responsible

Today I had to go and do adult stuff. Whoa whoa now... not that kind of adult stuff! Come on now people geez! I actually had to go out to the courthouse and pay my personal property taxes on my car plus go and get a new sticker for my license plate. Fun...
Well, it all started off fine. I left work around 9:45 or so this morning and headed out to the good ole Wayne County courthouse to give them all my money. I get there, put money in the parking meter (no way I was going to get a ticket. I already had one for the dead sticker.), and went inside. I paid my taxes, got my paper, and headed over to the taxes office to get my other paper. It was, much to my surprise, quite a bit less than I had expected. Score! Then, proud of my grown up accomplishments I head out to go take care of that stupid ticket I got yesterday for my dead sticker. I get all of 4 blocks away from where I pay my ticket and realize something. I paid my taxes, but didn't get my new sticker! I didn't get my sticker? I DIDN'T GET MY STICKER!! This is where I pound my fist on the steering wheel and mumble I don't even know how many profanities. Instead of turning back around and going back out to the courthouse, I decide since I'm already in Huntington I'll go tot he DMV. Yes, that's right. The DMV. Drats! I get there, wait forever, get my ticket, wait some more, and then finally get my sticker! YAY! Then I go on my not so merry way to get rid of that stupid ticket. I go in, show my new sticker and papers, don't have to pay the $50 fine (score!) and head back out very pleased with myself for being oh so responsible. And what do I see on the windshield when I get to my car? ANOTHER FREAKING TICKET!! Are you flippin kidding me?! Now, if I had just skipped paying the meter when I went inside to pay for my ticket, I would've been mad at getting a parking ticket but not too much. However, I not only paid my meter before I went inside. I paid for the one behind me. I did this because I am an idiot and couldn't figure out which one went to my parking spot. So, to be safe I paid both. I had one hour and 43 minutes on my meter, and an hour on the one behind me. How in the frick did I get a ticket then!? Urgh! Most people would go inside and at least mention it to the pay-your-tickets-here lady. But she was so nice about the previous ticket that I just said forget it (in more or less words) and decided to just pay the $5. Much better than the $50 ticket the nice woman got me out of. So that was my morning of being an adult. Like I said, fun!
Now, onto the craftiness!
Sunday I worked on a Garden Girl Dishcloth for my aunt.

It's made from Lily Sugar n Cream yarn. I worked on it off and on for oh about 4 or 5 hours.

Needless to say, my hands hated me afterward. Currently I'm still working on the Tiramisu Baby Blanket and contemplating casting on this hat for my sister. She's been begging me for a hat with earflaps. My hesitation? I've never knitted a hat. Only crocheted one. Yes, I have come down with starteritis. Ohhh help me!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

No Resolutions. Just Promises.

I'm not a believer in resolutions. I think that you should just make promises to yourself. And not even just at New Year's. But whenever. I made the mistake last year of not making any promises at any time for anything. Hence, having a horrible year. For the year of 2011 I have made some promises to myself. They are...
-Do more! More knitting, crocheting, blogging, reading, walking, hanging out with friends, spending time with family, saving money, being grateful. More of all of it!
And that's pretty much it! I'm not going to promise to lost x amount of lbs. by this certain date, or promise that I'll eat healthier and exercise more. Anything to do with all that "stuff" will be decided by my doctor when I go for a check up later this month. Then, I will promise to stick to doctor's orders. I have a feeling the rules or orders I would set for myself would be alot harsher than what the doctor would, but then again, you never know.

On the craftiness front, I'm doing pretty good! I've managed to finish just a few things and have started quite a few. Oh, that reminds me, another promise! I'm promising to not have more than 3 projects going at once. It's just too much for me and I get burnt out and then don't finish anything. I'm hoping this way when I get bored with one project, I'll go to the other and so on with the third.

Here are some of the projects I've done, are still doing, or plan on doing:

Spiral Scrubbie - made for my mother. I got her a Paula Dean non-stick skillet for Christmas to complete her set. (She is obsessed with that woman, I have yet to see the appeal)

Sponge-y Scrubbie - for my aunt. She sent me a TON of cotton and nylon yarn and made me promise to make her some dishcloth/scrubbers in return. So far I've gotten this one (kind of) made. I have to put the sponge in the middle and sew up the sides to put it together. I'm also going to make her a spiral scrubbie as well.

Spice Solace Cap - made for myself. Started and finished on Christmas Eve! Super proud of myself for finishing it up all in on day!

Tiramisu Baby Blanket - Made for my dad's friend. Him and his wife are getting ready to welcome their first child, a daughter, in February. As you can see the main part of the blanket is pink. Soft pink by Caron Simply Soft, edging will be Chocolate (brown) by the same, and the ribbon a simple 1/2 inch wide silk ribbon.

Planned Projects:

Easy Peasy Socks for First Timers - I have yet to knit any socks! And that's what made me want to learn how to knit in the first place! I'm a little intimidated by it all. But I've been practicing and haven't done too bad so I'm promising myself to start them around February.

Sweet Loopy Scarf - I plan on starting this one ASAP as soon as I get the appropriate yarn.

Swirly Brooch - Already started, but ripped apart and thought I'd wait until I got the colors I like. Right now I only have black thread.

There's quite a few others but this has been a post and a half so I'll save some for later. Many blessings and good luck to everyone in the new year!