Saturday, February 28, 2009

sick of being tired, tired of being sick

u would think being sick for 3 days straight would encourage me to crochet and get some projects done while laying around doing absolutely nothing... nope.
i cant frickin move. agh. i hate being sick as most ppl do ha. i swear i have the worst immune system known to man. anytime anything is going around i get it but like 10x's worse.
clarks sick too so that makes it suck even more. neither of us have someone to baby each other hah.
its times like this that makes me wish i had a cute cuddley little puppy that was a good dog that would lay with me and comfort me...but no i have satan...
she wont leave me the heck alone! agh. i just want to lay in the hot shower and not move for like 3 weeks. blah.
anyways, im done whining... =]

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

They might say wow that sucked, but at least they'll say wow.

i feel like crap. i went to the dr. yesterday b/c ive been having horrible pains on my left side down by my ovaries... the only one that actually works. they concluded i probablly have cysts again. yay. i knew my right ovary was shot to hell but i figured eh i got one good one. thats one more then alot of ppl right? guess i spoke too soon.
not only that but i also managed to get that cold my niece and nephew got. its very close to strep but no its just a cold with all the signs and symptoms of strep so needless to say talking, eating, drinking are not my fave things right now.
i thought i had a silver lining in those dark clouds of life as of lately... the meds they gave me for my stomach pain! yaaay for pills that take pain away! (im not a pain killer addict by any means trust me but w/this pain i would'be shot myself up w/morphine if need be ha) so i take one today and it works... very well... no stomach pain at all. but i feel like im going to throw up everywhere...
when it rains it poors...

Friday, February 20, 2009

This is my first gentle.

Well hello blog world! haaah nice to be up to date on things. :-)
Anyways, I mainly created this blog so I could write about my crochet projects and patterns....such n such n wut have u. But I may use it for a few rants, raves, ups, downs, and so on.
I'm new to crocheting. I've only been doing it since Dec. 24th of 08. Yes I know the exact day because my co-worker/good friend of mine had to work on Christmas Eve and since it was going to be absolutely dead, she decided it would be a great time to teach me how to crochet. So, for about a week after that I did nothing but single lines of single crochets in the back post. Yea...
Then I bought a beginners kit by Boye and caught onto patterns and a few other things. My friend still is a huge help though because I'm not that great. Ha.
I decided my first project was going to be an afghan for my fiance Clark. I chose to make it out of about 70 or so granny squares from 3 different colors. So far so good on it. Of course, the squares are single crochet so they're not too hard for me.
I also found the great amazing amigurumi!!! YAAAAY! I absolutely adore anything ami! My friend Heather wanted a cute little cupcake so by golly I made her one! Well, its actually just a pink and white puff ball... =[. Yea like I said I'm not that great.
Anyways, feeling safe in my single crochet world, I just kept making my granny squares content with the single project I had going.
After discovering the glorious world of (again through my co-worker and friend Amanda), I found many many patterns that I immediately loved and decided I was going to do.
One of which was a beanie/toboggan/cap. I originally planned to make it for myself because I don't have a winter hat. And I had an abundance of white yarn as I ordered the wrong color online. So off I went!
To my suprise I was doing great ( I thought ) with the double crochet and half double crochet stitches it required.
Then came the end. I didn't like the end of the pattern so I thought okay I will make my own edging great! I'm gonna do this I'm gonna pretty much go out on my own in this crochet world! So.... I did! And that turned out great! But when I finished the hat, very much to my dismey, I noticed that it was not nearly long enough to even touch my ears and was more child size then anything. Therefore, it became my nephew Isaiah's hat.
Now I'm discouraged, disapointed, and actually fairly embarassed. I thought I could do this! Now I don't know if I should venture outside of my single crochet bubble....