Saturday, February 28, 2009

sick of being tired, tired of being sick

u would think being sick for 3 days straight would encourage me to crochet and get some projects done while laying around doing absolutely nothing... nope.
i cant frickin move. agh. i hate being sick as most ppl do ha. i swear i have the worst immune system known to man. anytime anything is going around i get it but like 10x's worse.
clarks sick too so that makes it suck even more. neither of us have someone to baby each other hah.
its times like this that makes me wish i had a cute cuddley little puppy that was a good dog that would lay with me and comfort me...but no i have satan...
she wont leave me the heck alone! agh. i just want to lay in the hot shower and not move for like 3 weeks. blah.
anyways, im done whining... =]

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