Tuesday, February 24, 2009

They might say wow that sucked, but at least they'll say wow.

i feel like crap. i went to the dr. yesterday b/c ive been having horrible pains on my left side down by my ovaries... the only one that actually works. they concluded i probablly have cysts again. yay. i knew my right ovary was shot to hell but i figured eh i got one good one. thats one more then alot of ppl right? guess i spoke too soon.
not only that but i also managed to get that cold my niece and nephew got. its very close to strep but no its just a cold with all the signs and symptoms of strep so needless to say talking, eating, drinking are not my fave things right now.
i thought i had a silver lining in those dark clouds of life as of lately... the meds they gave me for my stomach pain! yaaay for pills that take pain away! (im not a pain killer addict by any means trust me but w/this pain i would'be shot myself up w/morphine if need be ha) so i take one today and it works... very well... no stomach pain at all. but i feel like im going to throw up everywhere...
when it rains it poors...

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