Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Catching Up

I've got alot of it to do lately. Work's been blah this week. I don't have Amanda up front with me so not only is it busier then usual for me, it's alot more boring. I hope she feels better soon though!
I decided the weekend before last that I was going on strike from cleaning. I mean I would pick up and make sure it didn't get gross with dirty dishes and stuff (I'm a stickler for the kitchen and bathroom being clean) but over all I wasn't going to do as much as I usually do so that maybe, just maybe, Clark would see for himself what exactly I do. Long story short, it didn't work. Not only did I have a dirty house but I also was in an argument w/him for 2 days. So yesterday and the day before that, I had to catch up on all the cleaning I stopped doing. Which meant about an hour and a half stuck in the bedroom putting clothes away, picking up all my books scattered everywhere and rounding up all the dirty towels. Then I had to clean Lucas' cage. That rabbit poops more then anything I've ever seen! And he seems to like one particular corner which makes it impossible to get really clean (well as much as I would like it at least). I don't really think he cares though.
The baby blanket is coming along nicely. I found that I had dropped a stitch or two maybe 2 or 3 rows down from where I was at so I had to rip that back and start over but I wasn't too upset. The baby I'm making it for isn't due until September so I'm not too worried. I wish I had my camera so I could show pictures but alas, I do not. (Stupid I have been thinking of going to a local pawn shop and putting one in lay-a-way though. I don't know if it would even be worth the trouble. Maybe I should just try and do the impossible and save up? I'm not that great with saving money.
I found a hook case that I adore! I already have one but this seems so fun to make and is super cute with the bright colors they made it in! I want to try and find some cute fun yarn to do it with but I don't want to get too ambitious. I've been doing alot of knitting lately and haven't done crochet in a while so I might be rusty and get frustrated if I use an odd yarn. What do you think?
Today is my appointment to talk to Dr. Booth about the injectables. Which I guess it's more of a do you think I should doctor? And if he says yes, then I go see the fertility specialist Dr. Burns who would put me on them. The thought of sticking myself with a needle everyday isn't too appealing but eh you gotta do what ya gotta do right?
Lately I've been putting alot of thought into going on a diet and quitting smoking. The only problem I forsee with that, besides the obvious of being miserable, is that I tend to be like alot of people and eat more and gain weight when I quit smoking. I don't know if I should do both of them at once or try one at a time?! I found this method for quitting smoking that seems pretty interesting though.
Well, I've put off working long enough...back to the ole grinding stone right?!

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