Saturday, June 6, 2009

One room down...

eleventy billion to go...actually 3 but it seems like alot. I swear, you would think with a small apartment and it being only Clark and I that it wouldn't take nearly that much effort to clean... well you'd be wrong. So am I apparentally. The other day I got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed the kitchen floor. Today I scrubbed pretty much the whole bathroom and come into the kitchen to put away the cleaning stuff under the sink only to find CoCo has left me a huuuuge present smack dab in the middle of my newly scrubbed floor. mmhmm. Yep. I honestly am very close to getting rid of her. She's reverted back to her puppy stage and refuses to go to the bathroom outside. She only goes on her puppy pads now and rarely does that. So my evening after work pretty much consists of going behind her scrubbing, disinfecting and air freshening everywhere she goes.
At least I have Heather's birthday party to save me tonight. I'm happy for that at least. And suprsingly enough, Clark is going! What?! Yes antisocial Clark has decided to venture outside his usual realm of friends. I'm sooo excited to see if him and Heather's new bf get along. *fingers crossed*.
I had previously posted a blog yesterday, well, tried to. But there was some error so I'll probablly be reposting that soon. Hopefully. It was a good one to. Much better than this one which I'll put you out of your misery reading right about now.

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