Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Before the day begins...

Quick post before I start my day! I'm taking Miss CoCo to the vet worries she's just getting groomed. I got little pink bows about 2 weeks ago for them to put in her long wavy ear hair! =] I will most definitley post pics later of that!
My day is pretty much just going to consist of taking her to the vet, to work till 3, back to the vet to pick her up, them home or back to work depending on if I get back in time before we close work. Grocery store later... grumble grumble.
Let's see recap for the past few days or so... yesterday we had dinner over at the in laws. I can honestly say that I am truly blessed to have great in laws. April is such a strong Christian mother who is a great example for me to follow. Big Clark is pretty much what little Clark will be when he's older lol. He acts just like his dad and more and more of him comes out every day. Which isn't a bad thing cuz his dad's a great man. He's a good provider and a wonderful grandfather. We may not always agree (haha) but over all they are amazing people that I am grateful to have in my life.
Clark got me some great yarns this past weekend at the fleamarket. There's not a whole lot there (about 1/2 a skein on each yarn) but it's more then what I had before and I'm thankful I have a "husband" who thinks of me. I figure it's enough to make some flowers or edging on something.
I'm working on quite a few things right now. A ami monkey, stiiiilll on Clark's afghan (poor guy), preemie blanket (may turn it into a snuggie thingy), and preemie hat. I started out being one of those people who couldn't stand to do more then one project at a time, slowly went to having to have more then one, now it seems like I start a new one every night! Oh well, all is fair in crochet and war right?! lol
Well, I'm off to take her to get purdied up. I hope the medicine they gave me works for her car sickness as well this time as it did Saturday when we went to Mom's house. Wish me luck!

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