Saturday, March 28, 2009

Beef jerky be darned!!

Agh... I swear I am a 22 year old girl (I still don't consider myself a grown up or woman ha) in an 88 year old's body! All I did was eat one little tiny piece of peppered beef jerky and BAAAAM! I'm awake with the wooorst heartburn. It feels like I swallowed nail polish remover and the acetone is just creeping it's way up my throat. ugh. And to top it off, I've got a massive headache. And finished New Moon just a while ago so now I don't have anything to read. Am I pitiful or what?
Today was Jaycee's birthday party. I was extremely pleased that she liked her present Clark & I got her (memory card for her phone). It amazes me how much her and Jaydon have grown. I guess it's because I was only 11 going on 12 when she was born. She's the age now that I was when she was born! ha... And Jaydon... my little baby boy. He's so big and funny! He's the chubbiest most adorable kid ever! Oh and my other nephew Isaiah.. he's just too cute for words! He's so vocal now which just cracks me up. I can't wait for him to start walking just to see the things he's gonna get into! I thank God everyday for blessing me with those children b/c I know it'd be alot harder for me (and Clark) considering we prolly arent going to have kids.
So I started to knit about mmm 2 weeks ago? I've got knit, purl, (stockinette) stitches down. I am absolutely terrified of double pointed needles though. I was about half tempted to buy some at Wal*Mart yesterday but decided on getting some more circulars instead since my dog chewed up the bamboo one's I had. (Told you she was the devil)
I'm working on a scarf thing for my niece Jaycee right now. My goal is to somehow incorporate tiger stripes into the orange that I'm doing now. (Her school mascot is the tiger and she loves em) I'm just doing basic stockinette stitch except I'm switching it around so you can see the reversed side every ten rows or so. It's more or less just practice but if I can make something of it great!
So if anyone is reading this that can give me some tips, please do! I'm at a loss what to do. I've been searching the internet like crazy and anything I read or watch just doesn't seem to make sense.
Well, I'm off to try to get some sleep. As if I'll be able to with some massive burning going on inside right now. Ha.

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  1. ok tiger stripes, intarsia. I can show you some tips on intarsia prolly on monday. Or maybe I'll come in tomorrow.