Monday, March 23, 2009

Just call me Lemming

So I've always had this thing where I swear I'm not going to watch a movie that was from a book until I've read the book... ya kno I like to compare what they add in and leave out...all that jazz. So when Twilight came out and all these people were making a big hooplah about how wonderful it was I swore I wouldn't watch it until I read the complete series. Well, I caved this Saturday and thank God I did! It's everything everyone says and more! I am now a Twilight fanatic and in love with Edward Cullen! (I ordered the first book about 5 minutes after I finished watching the movie.)
Anyhow, I finally got something to organize my yarn and other things. It's still a work in progress but not to bad if I say so myself.
I keep all my yarn in this mesh organizer thing. Only $3! I'm going to get another one b/c this poor thing is sooo weighed down! Haha.
And as you can see I keep all of my odds and ends, hooks, needles and etc this plastic drawer organizer. (Also only $3!) But now my only problem is how to organize this...
Yea...that's the result of my dog CoCo and her hay day in my yarn stash... any tips much appreciated!
Well, off to finish watching Secret Life of an American Teenager finale and shower!

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