Sunday, May 24, 2009

Warning: Whiney Blog Ahead

As the title warns, this is going to be a horrible blog. So if you don't want to hear me complain then just look away now. There's going to be alot of complaining in this blog because it seems that everything that could possibly go wrong within the past week or so, has gone wrong.
Let's just start with the fact that my bank is a complete and total joke in every sense of the word!! Long story short (very long story short), I was told one thing about when I deposited my check into the bank about how much money would be available to me and when. Then, once I deposited my check on Thursday, they switched around and told me another which in turn made it look like I had overdrafted by $9. Okay big whoop. I was mad b/c they backtracked and said no no no this is our policy but ok they're a bank they do those things. So let's just say I did overdraw by a measley nine frickin bucks! Does that justify you charging me $148 in overdraft fees? I think not! Oh and it gets better from there. As of right now they have charged me around $500 in overdraft fees when I deposited a check of a little over $300 and spent about $260 some. Yea... take that in for a moment... FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS IN OVER DRAFT FEES!!! FOR NINE DOLLARS!! mmhmm do you see my frustration now? So I contact the bank and was quickly told so sorry can't help you the branch manager that takes off overdraft fees or can freeze it for you is on vacation until Tuesday. This was hrm... Monday maybe that I found this out? Yea.. out of a whoooole bank only one single soul can push that one button that stops the overdraft fees so I can get this straightened out. Needless to say, but I'm going to say it anyway, I'm going down there Tuesday to deal with this. I'll suck it up and pay the first overdraft fee, which according to my pamphlets they gave me when I got the checking account is $37, but they are not in no way getting any more money from me! I'm going to play it safe and not even say the banks real name but I'll just let ya know it rhymes with Shmifth Shmird and consists of two odd numbers. yep. Suck it bank!
So theres that little hiccup in my life. Theeenn, yes there's more, I go and get an ovulation kit as suggested by my doctor and many other TTC couples. Been doing the little test strips every morning since Thursday (well Thursday was in the afternoon) and none have come back saying there is even a little LH surge. According to all of my charts today is the big O day. I am quite honestly fed up with this whole TTC thing. Really should it be this hard to have a baby? Why can a crackwhore pop out 8 of em and not take care of a single one but I can't even have ONE?!?!
Oh and to top this little cake of dispair off with a lovely cherry bomb, my knitting and crocheting has pretty much ceased to exist. I have no energy or passion anymore it seems. And when I do even try to being a new project, somehow someway I screw it up. Like a tote bag I was working on the other day. I get alooooot of it done and then realize the pattern says that there was an estimated use of 3 skeins of the yarn they used. I had one. Needless to say that was ripped out quite promptly and shoved into some container somewhere in my horrendously messy house.
Told you this blog was going to be a bad one.
Even though my life seems to be a big pile of crap right now I'm trying to take it all in stride and just breathe. Which is hard to do b/c I have bronchitis, but ya know what I mean.
I just hope whatever this slump my life is in, I get out of it quick. Like now!!

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