Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lovely day

As the title suggests, today was a lovely day. Very lovely actually. I found out I got a 25 cent raise (woot!!) and had a decent day at work. Amanda brought in some knitting books so I immediately ganked the one she wasn't reading at the moment and started reading it most of the day as it was fairly slow. (woot again). Had a dr's appointment. Only real blah part of the day I guess. My dr. told me I'm doing extremely well w/my anxiety problems and that they strongly feel within the next few months, only with my approval, I will be off medication and be able to function normally. But I just feel like I'm not doing quite as well as they think I am. Maybe it's because they don't hear all the things going on in my head. Maybe it's because they only hear what I tell them even as honest as I am with both my dr. and therapist. This time in life I am praying that I am wrong!
I finished mom's scarf yesterday!!! Considering it was my first knitting project I'm very proud. Amanda taught me how to cast on, knit stitch, purl stitch, and basics on tension and function of needles, etc. I watched a video on how to bind off and did it by myself just by watching an instructional video which was quite a feat for me as I'm a very ok move my hands for me the way they should go kinda person lol.
Considering I've never worked with such a "textured" yarn let alone in knitting, I'm proud. LOL
I have begun a basic stockinette stitch project that I have yet to figure out. It's too thick and big to be a scarf... and as it is bright orange I'm hoping to change to black in some sort of pattern and make something for my niece as her school colors are orange and black. (I may have mentioned that in a previous blog? my memory is well non existent lol)
Oh, and I also found myself in the store many many times looking at yarns thinking "oooh I loove that oooh that's greatt!! but really I don't have a project to do with that so it'd be really dumb to buy it" not anymooooore! =] I've finally decided that you know what, darnit, I'm gonna get that beautiful yarn even if I have no idea what I can do with it! Because if I can't do anything with it then maybe I can gift it on RAK (ravelry group) and someone else can! Or maybe it will inspire me to start a project I would've otherwise said NO WAY to!!! Inspire me!! haha I am doing this however, within reason. That being said, I'm not going to buy every yarn I love at every store I go to. haha. Although I wish I had the money and space to do so.
That reminds me... there's a knitting/crochet/yarn store just down the road from me... I wonder when they close...? OFF I GO!

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