Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First spin kit!

Yes I got one! I ordered it off Etsy from BHMAlpacas. I'm super excited! I'm hoping and praying that I will be able to do it and not totally screw it up! I really want to get into dyeing fibers and spinning them, but I wanted to make sure I could even spin before I got into the dyeing part.
I got a beautiful hook/needle case from Joy off of the group RAK on Ravelry.
Isn't it gorgeous?!! =D

The Dogwood Arts & Crafts Festival is this weekend and I'm super excited about that as well! I'm looking forward to finding some great jewelry and candles! I need some more tarts as my dog has eaten most of mine! =]

I go next Monday to my obgyn to have my follicle ultrasound done and see how things are growing. I keep having this whimsical wish that I'll go in and during the ultrasound the tech just casually turns to me and says (something along the lines of...) "Well it seems as though everything worked because you're pregnant. There's your baby." *Turns monitor around so I can see my little jelly bean I've wanted my whole life. Yea wishful thinking but I'm still praying for it. If you would like to send any prayers my way they would be much appreciated!

I'm off to go feed my face. Husssooonnns! YEA!

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