Tuesday, April 14, 2009


As the title implies, I've hit a big plateau in alot of things lately it seems...

1.) Knitting & Crocheting: humph... this one I think hurts the most. ha. It seems like no matter what project I start, I can't figure the pattern out, I don't get the right gauge or something along those lines go wrong. Blah... I can't find anything I'm happy with either! Patter, color, shape, size, all if it is just wrong wrong wrong!!! Very frustrating considering I'm trying to work more on Clark's afghan and a scarf for my niece. I'm hoping that when I go to SnB this week that that I'll get some inspiration from the ladies. They're so creative so I can't imagine doing anything they do. (waaay to complicated and difficult for novice me! ha) I suppose it's not that horrible... in a way. I can take a breather and just focus on a few things now instead of a million like I was. I have a fairly good stash going which leads me into the next spot...

2.) Money: Yea I'm sure you're thinking that everyone and anyone is hard up on money because of the economy and what not but seriously, if I had good eggs, I'd consider selling them. lol. Because of the tax return, I had been doing really well on being able to get bills paid about a week or 2 ahead of time or the day after I got the bill in the mail. I guess I had thought I paid my car insurnce since I had been paying it all on time, but nope didn't. Now I have 2 months to pay this month. And this $250/month hospital bill thing is killing me. As if the bill for the surgery that told me I couldn't have kids on my own basically wasn't enough, I now have to pay for more pills/shots/treatments/visits to my obgyn (leading into....)

3.) Fertility: Or lack there of I should say. This is officially my last month on Clomid. So basically that means that if I don't get preggers this month, then next month I go to the "official" fertility specialist and get started on the dreaded shots. I so don't wanna do that. I hate having to put all those chemicals and hormones in my body already.

4.) Work: I keep on screwing things up... period.

There are plenty more but dinner is in the oven (probablly burning the way my luck has been) and the dog is getting anxious to go outside. Off I go to my exciting life... w00t!!!

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  1. i hope things start getting better for you soon... i will keep you in my prayers! :)