Friday, April 17, 2009

Socks & Margaritas

I have started and frogged my first pair of socks about 8 times now. Now I must admit defeat and do a gauge swatch. grumble... Hates em.
But things are good for now. I got my beautiful stitch markers from Hayley yesterday @ SnB! The one's I got aren't up there (I think I got the last set), but the rest are equally if not more beautiful along with the jewelry n what not. I am very much going to be a future customer! =]
Tonight shall be a fun night I declare! Amanda and I have plans to veg at her house drinking margaritas (she's determined to make me try it on the rocks bleh) and sing karaoke. I'm sure I will have YouTube posts to share later ha. Along with the drinks and songs, we'll be pigging out on a bunch of junk good since her hubby's gone and we went shopping yesterday. Never send 2 girls to the store alone... especially when one just got off of a no sugar thing for 45 days. Yea.. needless to say we have plenty of stuff to snack on! lol
I finally found a shawl that I want to make, but it scares me as most lace-y type things do...
PhotobucketIt's gorgeous and I'm still undecided if I would even wear it or not. It can always be a gift but to whom? I'm still mulling the idea over.
I've begun to feel like I need to have more hobbies and releases. That was the main reason I started crocheting and knitting in the first place. Now that I'm into that I want to do more things. Photography, spinning, dyeing yarn, and making stitch markers/jewelry with polymer clay seem like the top choices I've been putting through my mind. I'm open to suggestions.
Off to finish my gauge swatch and actual work. C-yas!

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