Monday, April 27, 2009


So I was all amped up about my ultrasound appointment today hoping and praying that I would go and they would say the follicles are great and maybe I would get the miracle I'd been hoping for and I would be told that I was already pregnant. But no, the dr's office calls and had to reschedule me to tomorrow because of some emergency at the hospital that the technician had to attend to. Ok the obgyn I can understand having an emergency, yea ok I get that, but the ultrasound tech? What kind of ultrasound emergencies are there? I guess I'm just upset and being mean but I'm still really frustrated.
To top it off, I'm super sleepy today and my stomach is kiiiilling me where I'm ovulating. Which I'm not gonna complain about b/c its a good thing, but it still sucks.
Anyways, just wanted to rant for a while. I promise I will post something with a bit more substance next time.

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